Welcome to Soundscape Røst. A sonic journey into the Røst archipelago by Elin Már Øyen Vister.


Finn Olav Olsen at Kårøya in 2011


Finn Olav Olsen was running Kårøya guesthouses and Seabird Safari alongside his parents Kari and Roar Olsen, in 2010.  Today Finn Olav is married with 2 children, working at the airport and during the summer he runs the particularly comfy seabird safari Day at Sea. Finn Olav is also an excellent drawer and photographer.


The Kårøya buildings has since been sold in the summer of 2021. I wanted to post this interview because Finn Olav speaks of the cultural history of Kårøya and his upbringing there in the 70s. Also we discuss the decline of the seabird population and what he thinks will happen. So did his premonitions come true?

Spring-summer at Nesset

The Kittiwakes of Visheller cave (this colony does no longer exist)