The Kittiwakes of Kårøya

The Kittiwakes of Kårøya


The Olsen family has been running Kårøy rorbucamping (guesthouse) since the mid-60s. Every spring and summer season they live side by side with the Kittiwakes that breed here. Several hundred Kittiwakes have their nest sites on the buildings of Kårøya, and their sounds and sights are quite a tourist attraction. Kårøya is a key site for the monitoring of the Kittiwakes on Røst, as the biologist have easy access to nests and birds here. A stay over at Kårøya rorbucamping is heaven for a bird-lover. Lying in the soft summer grass looking at listening to the Kittiwakes is healthy for the soul, and their fascinating voices will never leave your memory.

This track also features on Soundscape Røst-Spaces and Species Vol I and was originally recorded in 2011.

About the Kittiwake – Krykkje – Vuonaskávlle

You can read more about the situations for the Kittiwakes on Røst here:

Photo by AHS