To better hear the delicate Soundscapes I can recommend using your best set of headphones or alternatively, plug the sound-source into your sound system,  take a few good deep breaths, close your eyes  and listen.

The winter season in The Røst archipelago is never quiet. Strong winds, gale our stronger, continuously blow and blow over and around the island, islets and skerries. South-Western and North-Eastern Winds are the most usual. But there will always be some calm days, just like this February morning in 2013, when I put the microphones out just above the wet seaweed. (A stereo pair of DPA 4060 in a sort of head width A/B stereo setup). I wanted to capture the pure lusciousness of the oxygen-rich ebb and flow of the tidal currents through seaweed.

Did Keila it sound much different in the winter of 1888 when the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen drew it with his pen and pencil?

The beautiful drawing was given to his sister, Theodora Kittelsen, who testamented it to the National Museum in Norway.

Original title: The Lighthouse at Skomvær

Pen and pencil on paper measuring 318 x 464 mm