The FM masts of Skomvær / FM master på Skomvær

As soon as the wind strength begins to get close to gail or even just 7-8 meters per second, the wires of the FM mast of SKomvær begin vibrating.
Accompanied by the milder but insistent hum of the tall summer grass, it is quite an intense soundscape. One windy summer day I taped 2 contact mics on the wires.
This is what the song of the wire in gail wind sounds like....

Ocean Eye / Havsøye

Ocean Eye
Westwards, beyond the main Røstlandet - where the people and also many seagulls of Røst live you find a small island group called Yttersandøya.
These are the first islands and islets that shelter Røstlandet from the waves of the Atlantic ocean. Right here is Ocean Eye / Havsøya, coined by the local seabird safari guide Finn Olav Olsen. This sunny warm day is a seldome one, almost windstill. The DPA microphones are placed on the white sandy beach as the ebb is exposing more sand, and the water draws out.

Introducing Soundscape Røst 2012

The introduction of Soundscape Røst - The Listening Lounge (2012)